When is the Best Time for a Beach Wedding in Ballito

Planning a Beach Wedding?

Planning a beach wedding is the same as planning any other wedding, however there are 2 main factors that needs a little more consideration.

The Two Main Factors to Consider are: Time Of Day and Time Of Year.

Out of the two Time of day is more important for awesome photos and comfort levels. Time of year is more about trying to minimize weather risk which we can’t really control.

  • Time of Year:
    • Comfort levels.
    • Rain & Wind.
    • In or Out of Holiday Season.
  • Time of Day:
    • Comfort Levels.
    • Best light for Photos.
    • Tides

Important: It’s important to know from the outset that the weather is one aspect that’s unpredictable and can render your ceremony unpleasant. It’s always best to check with your venue to see if they have a sheltered backup facility available that you can use should the weather turn on the day.

Time of Year:


Summers in Ballito can be rainy, hot and uncomfortable but it’s also the best time for the beach. The sun sets later in summer between 6pm – 7pm.
It’s a good idea to start your ceremony a little later during the cooler part of the day.


Winter is normally a little dryer and eavnings can be chilly.
The sun set a little earlier between 5pm – 6pm and the light is generally more vivid and interesting around sunset.


Aug to Nov are generally our windiest months.

Nowadays our weather conditions are no longer certain and last year we saw a lot of rain and high winds during both our winter & summer months.

Use the historic weather data only to mitigate risk.

You can access historic Ballito weather information here: visit Weatherspark.

In or Out Of Holiday Season:

In Season:

Peak Season:  1 Dec to 7 Jan and the week before and after Easter Weekend.
Ballito during peak season is busy; our beaches are normally crowded, accommodation cost considerably more and guests will have to book accomodation well in advance.

Time of Day:

Late afternoons are best for beach weddings:

The light is softer which makes for stunning images. Generally late afternoons are also a little cooler and more comfortable.


Midday is the hottest part of the day and should be avoided if you can. Midday can be very uncomfortable especially during summer months in Ballito. The midday light is also harsh and can make images look washed out, flat and boring. Good photographers know how to deal with these conditions however images taken late afternoon will always look better.

Golden Hour

Golden Hour is the hour just before sunset or sunrise. This is when light is magic; this light makes the best images so plan your couple creative sesion during magic hour or as close to sunset as possible.

Tip: First plan your Couples creative shoot sesion during Golden hour and work your timings back and forward form there -see below table for more info.

Timeline plan on how to plan your wedding for the best photo opportunities.


During high tide and Spring tides waves can wash up all the way to the edge of the beach.
This is normally not a huge problem for you creative photo shoot but can be problematic for your wedding ceremony service .

Tip: Time the tides that your wedding ceremony will be during low tide and beach setup after high tide on the outgoing tide.

You can get tidal information here: magicseaweed.com

Remember  “It’s your day, have fun regardless of the weather!!”